Title Volunteer District Public Relations & Marketing Manager
Categories District
Responsible To

District Chairman

Responsible For

Improving the public image of Scouting in Romsey

Main Contacts

District Commissioner, District Chairman, Group Scout Leaders, District Section Leads, District Events Manager, ADC Development, District Webmaster, Young People, County Media Team, HQ PR Team, The Media (Press, Broadcast, Web) and Members of the Public.

Role Summary

To assist the District Commissioner, Group Scout Leaders and District Team in the effective Public Relations and Marketing of the Scout District in accordance with the Policy Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

The role will involve regular contact with the media to promote Scouting in Romsey and report on events and activities. It will involve the production of branded publicity material for events and working with the District and Group teams to ensure a consistency of brand across the district. Working with young people will be a key part of this role to train, and actively encourage them to be the public face of Scouting in Romsey as Young Spokespeople.

Appointment Requirements

To understand and accept The Scout Association’s polices, have a satisfactory CRB clearance and to complete the appropriate training modules.

Main Activities
  • Be aware of and value the “Scout brand”.
  • Media:
    • Seek out and identify local good news stories happening in Scouting and promote these to the local Media, writing articles and taking photos, to ensure regular coverage of Scouting activities in the local press in a positive format.
    • Develop and maintain a list of local media contacts.
    • Attend training days and develop media skills.
    • Liaise with the HQ PR team on a regular basis arranging for them to provide any assistance required.
    • Monitor local media coverage and feedback success stories to local Scouting and the HQ PR team.
    • Develop a network of PR/Marketing managers across the district by encouraging Scout Groups to appoint a person to promote Scouting locally to the Group, and to work with them to promote Scouting in Romsey.
  • Marketing:
    • Produce and/or commission publicity material to use at suitable events to promote Scouting and attract new youth members and leaders, as well as ensuring that existing marketing material is kept up to date.
    • Liaise with Groups and Sections (including their webmasters and newsletter editors) to ensure a consistency of the brand and messages in all publicity material across the district.
    • Liaise with the district webmaster and Woodsmoke editor to ensure suitable formats of media are produced and a consistency of brand and messages.
    • Liaise with the District Events Manager, District Fundraising Manager, ADC Development and District team to ensure that all events are marketed appropriately both within Scouting and to the public.
    • Produce material requested by the district team to develop and promote Scouting in Romsey.
  • Young People:
    • Identify young people who can be media trained. Deliver (or organise) training events for them to enable them to be the public face of Scouting in Romsey as Young Spokespeople, in line with The Scout Association policy.
    • Attend events and activities across the district (with Young Spokespeople where possible) to produce media and marketing material.
    • Encourage all young people to produce articles about their positive Scouting experiences with a view to having them published.
    • Facilitate, or arrange for a facilitator to run, workshops for young people to enable them to enhance their media skills by producing videos, photo presentations or multimedia presentations, which can be used as publicity material.
Period of Appointment

Appointment to be reviewed and re-elected at the District AGM each year.


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