Title Volunteer District Fundraising Manager
Categories District
Responsible To

District Chairman

Responsible For

Managing fundraising activities in the Scout District

Main Contacts

District Treasurer, Members of the District Executive, Group Scout Leaders, District Commissioner, District Chairman, District Events Manager, District PR & Marketing Manager(s), Romsey Town Council, Test Valley Council, Members of Parliament and other external funding sources.

Role Summary

To assist the District Chairperson, District Commissioner and District Team in the effective management of the Scout District fundraising activities in accordance with the Policy Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

The role will involve managing and promoting the District fundraising activities by identifying fundraising needs, setting and monitoring fundraising targets, establishing and setting priorities and timescales, and coordinating District fundraising activities and events to achieve the targets set.

Appointment Requirements

To understand and accept The Scout Association’s polices, have a satisfactory CRB clearance and to complete the appropriate training modules.

Main Activities
  • In conjunction with the District Treasurer and District Executive Committee identify the District’s fundraising needs.
  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan to achieve the District fundraising needs.
  • Quantify the value and all costs of each fundraising opportunity.
  • Establish the value, costs and priorities of specific fundraising projects.
  • Setup and recruit members for the District Fundraising Committee.
  • Arrange and chair regular meetings of the Fundraising Committee.
  • Ensure that the membership and operation of the Fundraising Committee, and all fundraising activities comply with Scouting POR and Charity Commission requirements.
  • In conjunction with the District Treasurer provide monthly reports to the Executive Committee and its sub-committees on fundraising activities and progress against targets.
  • Give timely warning of potential fundraising shortfalls.
  • Identify suitable sources of external funding/grants and manage the application process in accordance with the Policy Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.
  • Work with the Fundraising Committee and others to produce and maintain a database of fundraising opportunities.
  • Liaise with the District Events Manager and Marketing and PR Manager(s) to ensure that the fundraising events are run well and successfully marketed.
  • Liaise with the County, Groups and other Sections to ensure that fundraising opportunities are coordinated across the district and with local Districts to avoid numerous approaches to the same funding streams and clashes of events.
  • Liaise with the Groups, Sections, District Chairman and County Commissioner to ensure that Scouting POR and Charity Commission requirements are followed across the district.
Period of Appointment

Appointment to be reviewed and re-elected at the District AGM each year.


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