Caterpillar Camp

The 14th April saw Hampshire County Scouts’ second Caterpillar Camp, held at Naomi House & Jacksplace at Sutton Scotney, Winchester. The event was a scouting-based, fun activity day for the young people of Naomi House and their families.

Naomi House and Jacksplace are respite care hospices for young people with life-limiting or terminal conditions, with Naomi House caring for under 13s, and Jackplaces a hospice for teenagers to be among their own.

The Hampshire County event, organised and run by members of Romsey District Scouts, included a range of Scouting activities for the young people to enjoy.

The day commenced with a ‘proper!’ flag break around the outdoor flag pole people were given neckers to match those of the volunteers; sky blue with a yellow trim. Afterwards, the day’s activities began: Mini Ballista, Soft Archery, Rope making, Marshmallowing, Treasure Hunt, Badge making, Fire Lighting and a Tent (Pitching) Experience.  The day concluded with the young people participating being given a certificate by the County Commissioner, Adam Jollans.

Huw, the play co-ordinator at Naomi House praised the event, saying “everyone got something out of it,” despite the “different complex needs” of his young people. He went on to say that the day was “a completely different experience” for his young people, especially “the unique activities, such as the campfire.” One of the young people at the event, Callum,  said that he “enjoyed the day” and his favourite activity was “badge making.”

Overall, Huw concluded that the event was “a fun, jam-packed afternoon.”

Scouts SNAGged by Fashion Fundraiser

SNAG Fashion ShowFASHION took over the Dr Peter Centre last Friday night (27th March), as SNAG (Special Needs Advisory Group) and M&Co Romsey hosted a fashion show. The event was held to raise funds for SNAG, a group within Romsey Scouts, promoting opportunities within Scouting for those with special needs and showing that Scouting is truly for all. 

SNAG promotes equality and inclusion for young people that require special needs within Scouting. Its current focus is on a buddies scheme, where volunteers pair up with a young person with special needs and attend their scouting activities alongside them, providing support. Romsey District Scouts are keen to further ensure one of their founding principles- equality- is demonstrated, and the work of the SNAG group, chaired by Portia Kitcher, is making fantastic progress.

The fashion show comprised of 13 volunteers modelling around 70 outfits, with commentary by Kitcher. With on-the-door takings of £180 and raffle funds of £100, £280 was raised throughout the evening, which ran from 19:00-21:30, tickets costing £5 each.

SNAG would like to thank M&Co Romsey and staff for their generosity; the clothes store lent over 70 outfits for the show and 5 staff members came to model the clothes, which ranged from smart to casual and included their new children’s range.

Overall, the SNAG team “are very pleased” with the funds raised.

Caroline Nokes takes up the challenge!

Caroline Nokes takes up the challenge!Caroline Nokes joined Romsey Scouts at the Romsey Show on Saturday to officially launch her role as an ambassador for Romsey Scouting.  Caroline has taken on the challenge of the Scout assault course in previous years at Romsey Show but this year chose to have a go at virtual canoeing.

Caroline has always been a supporter of Scouting and often attends events, activities and meetings to meet and encourage the young people and support their leaders.  As an ambassador, Caroline will speak up for the organisation and promote the fun, adventure and challenge that Scouting offers.

District Commissioner, John Papworth, said “We are delighted that Caroline has agreed to formalise her support of Romsey Scouting.  Our young people benefit from meeting and engaging with their local MP and our adult volunteers really appreciate her support.  The number of young people joining Scouting is growing across the UK and it is no different here in Romsey.  With the increasing demand from young people to experience the adventure of Scouting, there is a real need for more and more adult volunteers.  We’re delighted that Caroline will help continue to raise the profile of Romsey Scouting and encourage young people and adults to get involved and join the fun”.

Caroline said “I very much support the Scouting movement and I am delighted to be asked by them to be an ambassador.  The Scouting movement has a huge amount to offer young people and adults. I would encourage them to get involved and experience this for themselves”.


Scouts in Hospital Project

At the beginning of Summer a small group of Scouters from within the county met to discuss the possibility of forming a Scout Group within Southampton General hospital and Naomi House. There was much enthusiasm at the meeting for this new Scouting initiative that would especially benefit those children who were staying in hospital for a length of time. However, everyone was aware that there were many formalities and courses (hygiene etc) to go through before the group could be up and running.

A good example of a hospital group is Great Ormond Street in London …read more

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