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Romsey Scouts’ Supporter’s Club is a straightforward way to make donations to local Scouting and to give yourself the opportunity to become a winner in our monthly draws.

For only £1 per number per month, you can will be entered into our monthly draw:

  • June ‘Super Draw’: 1st £250, 2nd £125
  • Eleven other months: 1st £ 25, 2nd £ 15

For more information see the Supporters Club Leaflet

Mayor’s Civic Service and Scout Parade

On Sunday 20th September, Romsey Town Mayor, Dorothy Baverstock held her Civic Service to celebrate unity in the Romsey Community and to bless the recently unveiled War Horse Statue, which is located in the Memorial Park. The Statue commemorates the 10 million human and 8 million animal lives lost during the First World War.

Romsey Scouts paraded to the service, which was held in Romsey Memorial Park, before attending.

The service opened with a prayer, followed by the popular hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful.” Some Pupils from Romsey Abbey Primary School then read poems that they had written especially for the service. The poems tackled issues such as pollution, the loss of biodiversity, adults having more respect for the younger generation and the problems left by previous generation that they, the children, have to tackle. The poems received hearty applause. Izaak Murray, 15, of Romsey Scouts, said that they were “very topical and thought-provoking.”

Councillor Ian Richards of Romsey Council, then read a story about volunteering, something he believes Romsey does well.

James Rogers of New Life Church, Romsey, then sung ‘Better Together’ while playing the guitar. Tom Bell, 17, of Romsey Scouts, felt that it was “fantastic to see some local talent at a service of such importance.” He summarised it as “the highlight of a truly great event.”

The attendees then sung the melodic hymn, ‘Amazing Grace.’

The church leaders then prayed for the Community, our Queen, the Town Mayor and those in need, such as low-income families in the Community and Syrian refugees.

The Lord’s Prayer was then spoken followed by a story from the Mayor of Romsey, Dorothy Baverstock, about the journey of the statue, from its conception to its unveiling in July 2015, by Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal, Princess Anne.

The Reverend Tim Sledge then blessed the Horse, before blessing the houses in Romsey. The attendees then sang “Give me Oil in my Lamp” followed by the National Anthem.

The service concluded with a final blessing from Reverend Sledge and some thank-yous from the Mayor.

Romsey Scouts holds UK’s First Gun Run

Romsey District Scouts were proud to hold a ‘Gun Run,’ the first such event of it’s kind to be held in the UK. The Gun Run involved running 400m, then shooting at 5 targets with an air rifle. They were given 20 pellets per round and the competition, which was entered individually and as a troop team, had three rounds each.

The event, organised by Stephen Batchelor, was a success, with 32 young people from across Hampshire taking part. The young people comprised of scouts (aged 10-14.5) and Explorer Scouts (aged 14.5-18) and included both girls and boys. There were two competition categories: Under 14s and 14-18s.

The Under 14’s category was won by Dominic Hart of 23rd (Golden Jubilee) Andover Scouts, with an impressive time of 10:02. Winner of the 14-18s category, David McFaull, of Tomahawks Romsey District Explorers, said “the day was amazing, challenging and fun. I’m already looking forward to next year!” His comments show that the day delivered the three pillars of Scouting: Fun, Challenge and Adventure.

The winning troop, whose team of young people had the fastest time, was 4th (Netley) Itchen South Scouts. The won with a time of 58:51. Batchelor, the event’s organiser, congratulated all competitors and said he was “impressed by the shooting and enthusiasm of everyone and their buzz as they leave to go home.”


David McFaull, Under 18s winner (above) and 14-18s winner, Dominic Hart (below).


Romsey Scouts Supporters’ Club

2014 Prize Winners

Month Prize Amount Number Name
January 1st 25 125 Mr J Loader
2nd 15 97 Miss C Sutton
February 1st 25 39 Mr C Wade
2nd 15 101 Mr P Bourne
March 1st 25 19 Mrs V. Slater
2nd 15 71 Mr C Knight
April 1st 25 25 Mr R Parker
2nd 15 91 Mr I Moore
May 1st 25 43 Mrs M Crocker
2nd 15 68 Mr D Reed
June 1st 250 76 Mrs J Beauchamp
2nd 125 110 Mrs J Holloway
July 1st 25 8 Mr and Mrs Betteridge
2nd 15 81 Mr D Slater
August 1st 25 75 Mrs V. Tubb
2nd 15 45 Mrs L Hedges
September 1st 25 11 Mrs S Simpson
2nd 40 58 Mr J Mason
October 1st 25 12 Mr PS Down
2nd 15 6 Mr GW Mason
November 1st 25 97 Miss C Sutton
2nd 15 119 Mr & Mrs Harper
December 1st 25 113 Mrs S Langdridge
2nd 15 121 Mr & Mrs Harper

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