The 14th April saw Hampshire County Scouts’ second Caterpillar Camp, held at Naomi House & Jacksplace at Sutton Scotney, Winchester. The event was a scouting-based, fun activity day for the young people of Naomi House and their families.

Naomi House and Jacksplace are respite care hospices for young people with life-limiting or terminal conditions, with Naomi House caring for under 13s, and Jackplaces a hospice for teenagers to be among their own.

The Hampshire County event, organised and run by members of Romsey District Scouts, included a range of Scouting activities for the young people to enjoy.

The day commenced with a ‘proper!’ flag break around the outdoor flag pole people were given neckers to match those of the volunteers; sky blue with a yellow trim. Afterwards, the day’s activities began: Mini Ballista, Soft Archery, Rope making, Marshmallowing, Treasure Hunt, Badge making, Fire Lighting and a Tent (Pitching) Experience.  The day concluded with the young people participating being given a certificate by the County Commissioner, Adam Jollans.

Huw, the play co-ordinator at Naomi House praised the event, saying “everyone got something out of it,” despite the “different complex needs” of his young people. He went on to say that the day was “a completely different experience” for his young people, especially “the unique activities, such as the campfire.” One of the young people at the event, Callum,  said that he “enjoyed the day” and his favourite activity was “badge making.”

Overall, Huw concluded that the event was “a fun, jam-packed afternoon.”

Caterpillar Camp

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